Errors and Omissions

All of the errors are mine (the author’s) although I have the (feeble) excuse that the Covid-19 impact upon printing companies along with other businesses meant that my print proof did not arrive until after the book went on sale. Most minor blemishes have been corrected and will not impact new readers. I beg the indulgence of any reader who finds a typo which I hope they will forgive.

There is a relatively new arithmetic operator which does not get a mention in the book. That is the exponention operator.
You can write x = x ** y; which would raise x to the power of y and is the equivalent of x = Math.pow(x,y);
The first of those statements could have been written x **= y;
let a = 3;
a **= 2; // a is now 9
You might like to make a note about this operator in your copy of the book.

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